We offer permanent jobs and temporary work activities which can lead to permanent employment afterwards in the following fields:

Software development

Specialization: Programming and designing of digital circuits

Your skills:

  • Programming in assembler MCS51 and in language C,
  • PC Windows programming, languages C and C++, database SQL (Firebird/Interbase),
  • Work with emulators,
  • Design, realization and testing of programms in PC for equipment trials (seriál communication, TCP/IP),
  • Design, realization and testing of the circuits with microprocessors type 51.


  • English language knowledge, German language knowledge is an asset , at least passive.
  • University degree in electronics/University student


Hardware development

Specialization: Lowfrequency and digital technical devices

Job opportunities:

  • Design, realization and testing of electronical circuits of low frequency and digital technical devices,
  • Design and realization of systems for data transmitting (regular, wireless, optical),
  • Usage of the design drawing system of el. Schemes (Altium),
  • Work on PC, MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint).


  • English langure knowledge, German langure knowledge is an asset, at least Passive.
  • Univesity degree in Electronics/ University student.


If you are interested, please send a brief letter containing information about yourself, your address and tel.number.



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