Solutions - Radio system Tetrapol (Firebrigade)

tetrapol Radio system

RCD Radiokomunikace has developed and produces its own technical solution based on experience with installation of radio connection in 12 road tunnels in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic, at 57 metro stations in Prague, at Ruzyna airport and at big construction sites.


Technical solution is flexible and ensures:

  • Development and installation of dual-band antennas, distributors and active elements (converters) for connection in a zone 160 MHz, which is used by fire brigades as well as in zone 400 MHz (network PEGAS) used by emergency service.
  • Installation of the inside radio converter, which will become the part of the system, or installation of the sockets for the connection of the outside portable converter.
  • Uninterrupted remote monitoring and the right function of the radio equipment.