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2023 – Israel Projects. We successfully carried out 3 larger projects for an Israeli customer. These included technology delivery for indoor and underground areas coverage with a radio signal in 160MHz and 700MHz frequency bands. Due to the greater number of transmitted services and their mutual frequency proximity, the development of associated circuits that would ensure sufficient mutual isolation of individual systems was a big challenge. Two of the mentioned projects will continue in the following years when additional technology should be delivered to expand the current coverage area.

We work with grants

We work with grants

In December 2010 RCD Radiokomunikace spol. s.r.o. gained a subsidy of 4 421342,-Kc from the EU with the help of ESF. The purpose of the subsidy was the project:

Development of professional skills of RCD Radiokomunikace spol. s.r.o.staff

The No of the project: CZ. 1.04/1.102/35.01499

This project is financed from the ESF funds with the assistance of the Operation program Human resources and employment.

10. 1. 2011 on www.esfcr.cz. we placed  the tender to select the provider of training services in RCD Radiokomunikace spol.s.r.o.

The tender to the project “Development of professional skills of RCD Radiokomunikace spol.s.r.o. staff” was held on 3. 2. 2011. The evidence number of the project in OP LLZ is CZ. 1.04/1.1.02/35.01499.

Only one company sent its bid to the tender, the company LIONS CZ. s.r.o.

As far as that provider met all the requirements, it won the tender.

The tender to the project „Development of professional skills of RCD Radiokomunikace spol. s r.o. staff” was held on 26. 10. 2011. This tender was focused on delivering the English course.

An agreement was signed by language school “ML jazykovka, Lenka Branerová” on 4. 11. 2011.

The project was finished in November 2012.

Currently we are waiting to our Final Monitoring Report is approved.




Digital radio repeater

Since February 2011, as a part of additional program for R&D support, RCD together with Pardubice University has been developing a technology of a universal high-frequency repeater. The new type of a repeater will be equipped with digital processing of the signal with the usage of the circuits type FPGA. It will guarantee high adaptability to new technologies of radio transmission.