Solutions - Surveillance systems

Surveillance systems

Surveillance systems are integral part of the radio systems delivered by RCD Radiokomunikace and are designed to ensure their trouble-free service. They provide permanent monitoring of the right function and levels of important parameters of radio device. In operating centers during the operation of the device the right function of radio ways is tested, the power tension, flows of performing amplifiers are monitored as well as the temperature of the main parts and illegal intrusion into the box. In case of detected failure or deviation of one of the checked parameters the local operator of the device is warned.


Remote surveillance is usually the part of the surveillance system. It allows a user to monitor or set the basic radio parameters anywhere within GSM operator signal with the help of in-built GPRS modem.

In a complete version of the remote surveillance, the condition of the device is shown on a computer screen in a monitoring center. The staff are informed about changes of condition and can check the parameters and provide service improvement to prevent a failure. I case of a failure it is also possible to send a warning to the selected center with the help of e-mail or sms.

The surveillance center is operated by the RCD Radiokomunikace service team. In the surveillance center you can also find an access through the web interface which can help you to monitor the condition of the device from any place with the Internet access. It is possible to monitor the condition of all objects included in to the remote surveillance. This possibility is used by RCD Radiokomunikace service and it can be also used by individual users.

For large systems the surveillance center can be set up at another operator place.

Simplified version of the remote surveillance is sutable for individual monitoring. According to user demands, they are regularly informed with the help of sms about the condition of the device or they are informed in case of any failure.