Solutions - Road tunnels

Road tunnels

RCD Radiokomunikace produces its own construction system, so called distribution system DS, meant for radio covering of road and railway tunnels.The system provides the distribution of simplex and duplex radio signalsin frequency bands from 30 MHz to 3 GHz according to customer demands and order. According to the length and the rout of the tunnel, radio signals are transmitted with the help of transmitting cables or antennas. At long distance the systems of repeaters and amplifiers are usually connected with the help of optics, at short distance they are connected with the help of coaxial cables. The whole system is monitored from the central controll.









Each draft of the tunnel radio covering depends mainly on its length and frequences which are spread in a tunnel.Distribution System  (DS) provides connection with the the closest base station (BTS) or with more base stations and at the same time transmits stronger radio signal to the tunnel , where it is spread with the help of a radiant cable. Distribution system consists of passive elements – filters, diplexes, duplexes, and active elements – amplifiers, active filters, antenuators which are necessary for signal processing and their integration into antennas or a radiant cable. The cable amplifiers substitute losses made by longitudial attenuation of a radiant cable. The whole model of the system and usage of the cable amplifiers are made according to "Tunnel radio covering project" based on custormer order. RCD Radiokomunikace provides complex  turn-key delivery of the radio system including pre-project measuring, project preparing, installation, putting the system into life, final measurement of the covering and certification.