Development - High-frequency devices and systems

High-frequency devices and systems

In high-frequency field the company RCD Radiokomunikace  has all necessary sources for development and production of radio systems in bands from 40MHz to 8GHz. The company uses them for the development and production of its own projects as well as for tailor-made production based on customer specification.


From the functional point of view the production facilities can be divided into three groups.



  • Antennas.
  • Filters, Duplexers.
  • Couplers, loads.


  • Low-noise RF amplifiers.
  • Highlinearity RF amplifiers.
  • Highpower RF amplifiers.


  • Transceiver and radios.
  • Radio repeaters.
  • Complex radio systems for underground coverage.



Duplexer DH160
Duplexer DH160
Zátěže XA3200
Loads XA3200
Duplexer 4045A
Duplexer XF4045