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2023 – Israel Projects. We successfully carried out 3 larger projects for an Israeli customer. These included technology delivery for indoor and underground areas coverage with a radio signal in 160MHz and 700MHz frequency bands. Due to the greater number of transmitted services and their mutual frequency proximity, the development of associated circuits that would ensure sufficient mutual isolation of individual systems was a big challenge. Two of the mentioned projects will continue in the following years when additional technology should be delivered to expand the current coverage area.

Products - high frequency devices - duplexers


RCD Radiokomunikace produces and delivers a range of passive frequency helical duplexes designed for combining of two frequency- close frequencies into common output or for separation of the signals from the common wiring into two independent outputs.
Duplexes, produced by our company have high selectivity in a given frequency band  and show  remarkable stability in a large scale of operating temperatures.
As far as duplexes are tuned up according to customers demands, we present here only as an example one of the duplexes in the following overview:


DH 80/4R band 80 MHz - 4 cavity (146 kB)
DH 80/6R band 80 MHz - 6 cavity (146 kB)
DH 80/8R band 80 MHz - 8 cavity (146 kB)
DH 160/6R band 160 MHz - 6 cavity (146 kB)
DH 300/6R band 300 MHz - 6 cavity (146 kB)
DH 450/6R
band 450 MHz - 6 cavity (146 kB)
DH 450/8R band 450 MHz - 8 cavity (146 kB)
XF 4045A band 456,8 ÷ 458,8/466,8 ÷ 468,8 MHz - 6 cavity (146 kB)




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