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2023 – Israel Projects. We successfully carried out 3 larger projects for an Israeli customer. These included technology delivery for indoor and underground areas coverage with a radio signal in 160MHz and 700MHz frequency bands. Due to the greater number of transmitted services and their mutual frequency proximity, the development of associated circuits that would ensure sufficient mutual isolation of individual systems was a big challenge. Two of the mentioned projects will continue in the following years when additional technology should be delivered to expand the current coverage area.

Solutions - Complex Security System

Complex Security System

The philosophy of the whole system is the integration of all separate parts into Uniformed integration platform. Integration here means connection of all present security elements (if they are suitable for being connected) and separate modern security systems like CCTV, EZS, EPS, sound analysis, picture analysis etc.

As a rule the system model is divided into the following parts:

Part A

  • Uniformed integration platform.
  • Closed television circuit.
  • Camera system CCTV including records.
  • Local radio.
  • Entrance checking control.
  • Electronic security system.
  • Perimeter, Detection of the circuit breaking.
  • Electronic anti-fire system.
  • Gas detection.
  • Mechanical security elements.


Part B

  • The system of the optical cables.
  • Data communication network.
  • Automatic information system.
  • The system of emergency IP phone.
  • Radio communication.


Our model solution for the protection of people and property is divided into several independent separate functional units. Each unit is often based on different technology and even though is connected with the help of the right technology and topology of the network into the uniformed system.

The next important requirements are integrability/compatibility and flexibility of the system. Our model system is able to cooperate with other security and non-security technologies. It will lead to creation of integrated security system with high detection and risk prediction ability. Flexibility of the whole system as well as its separate parts will enable its capacity and technological development in order to meet all future demands of the user.


Turn-key deliveries

RCD Radiokomunikace makes complex security systems turn-key deliveries including analysis, pre-project work, tailor-made solution, project documentation, development and constructing of the special parts, assembling and installation, putting the system into work, final tests and certification. Our company provides preparing of all project documentation based on the agreement with the customer. We also meet all currently required standards and norms which are issued by relevant authorities.