When solving issues connected with village and municipal security we offer solutions which focus on protection of citizens and property against harm. These solutions are based on demands of exact communities, consultations with the mayors not only in East Bohemia region. Our main targets of citizens security improvement are:

  • Fluent traffic and keeping traffic rules.
  • Safe pedestrian crossings and public lights system.
  • Safe and fast ways for emergency vehicles.
  • Comfortable parking and information about parking places.
  • Quality improvement of the public transport travelling.
  • Optimization of traffic control.


These targets can be reached with the following means:

  • Integration of traffic control technologies (variable traffic marking and signs, speed limits etc).
  • Collecting and providing traffic information (climatic conditions, speed measuring).
  • Weighing of the moving trucks and lorries.
  • Monitoring and checking of the system.
  • Direct cooperation with emergency forces.


RCD Radiokomunikace provides a turn-key delivery of the integrated security systems, which frees a customer from solving many problems. Cooperation with a customer is needed at the beginning of the project at the phase of acquisition, then at the final checking phase and at the function tests when the system is handed over.


The methods of research, analyzing and positive influencing of the environment as well as security and health protection of citizens are specified in certified processes according to ISO standards.