Solutions - Safety in Metro

Safety and comfort of passengers in Prague metro

The construction of the Complex safety system in Prague metro will bring a significant improvement of all systems which influence protection and safety of passengers, improve property protection and reach technical and economical optimization of the traffic.

Using new technologies for monitoring and processing of the metro traffic information will make Prague metro, from the point of view of safety and reliability, one of the most developed European traffic systems.

Complex security system in metro is constructed in three parts. During the project preparation each of them will undergo a significant reconstruction and separate parts will be connected in order to create the real complex security system.


Integration platform KBS



  • Safety technology
  • Uniformed integration platform
  • Closed television circuit
  • Local radio
  • Controlling of the entrance checking
  • Electronic security system
  • Perimeter, detection of the circuit breaking
  • Electronic anti-fire system
  • Gas detection


  • Information and telecommunication technology
  • Data communication network
  • Automatic information system
  • Emergency IP telephone system
  • Radio communication
  • Guide equipment for visually impaired



  • Railway security equipment
  • Local train network
  • Wireless access of the operators to the metro trains
  • Emergency IP telephone
  • Closed television circuit
  • Local radio
  • Automatic information system